Raison D’etre
 Raison D’etre

The raison d’etre for the
Athena Luxury Center of Excellence is

“To promote, to educate & to collaborate for
creating a luxury consciousness, knowledge &
awareness in India which is truly global &

With India's emergence as a global hub and leading market for both Global & Indian Luxury brands, the COE for Luxury at Athena is dedicated to championing the luxury industry
Our commitment to promotion entails a comprehensive array of initiatives:
  • Engagement: Fostering connections between luxury professionals, brands, and aficionados through exclusive events, showcasing the epitome of luxury experiences.
  • Networking: Our network of industry leaders and luxury connoisseurs to forge lasting connections that define the future of luxury.
  • Knowledge Sessions: Delve into the world of luxury through our thoughtfully curated knowledge sessions that explore trends, innovations, and the art of luxury.
  • Partnerships: Facilitating strategic partnerships that elevate the luxury industry, driving innovation and excellence.
  • Roundtables & Summits: Creating & Curating high-level discussions, roundtables, and summits where visionary minds converge to shape the future of luxury.
We aspire to create a collaborative interface between luxury professionals & academia, fully leveraging Athena School of Management's position as India's leading Luxury Business School
Our goal is to provide an enriching platform for learning, teaching, & training while spreading global luxury standards & trends with a unique Indian sensibility
  • Faculty and Student Interaction: Creating opportunities for Students & faculty to engage closely with industry professionals, gaining valuable insights and real-world experience in the luxury domain.
  • Research and Trend Propagation: Contributing towards groundbreaking research initiatives that shape the evolution of the luxury sector, while simultaneously propagating industry trends
  • Learning, Teaching, and Training: A platform for acquiring knowledge, imparting expertise, and enhancing skills, all within the context of global luxury standards and trends, infused with a distinctive Indian perspective.
The COE is not just a beacon of knowledge but a vibrant center for collaboration.
We provide a wealth of resources and expertise to global luxury brands entering the Indian market:
  • Knowledge Hub: Serving as a comprehensive knowledge center, offering insights, market intelligence, and industry expertise.
  • Training Facilitator: Leveraging resources to train your teams, ensuring they are well-equipped for the dynamic Indian luxury market.
  • Research Partner: Collaborating to drive research initiatives that shape the luxury landscape in India.
  • Sustainability & Inclusion: Contributing towards creating & implementing the highest standards of sustainability, diversity, inclusion & governance – demonstrating commitment to responsible & sustainable luxury