The importance of communication in Business.

    In fact I would elaborate the title of this article a little more by adding the word ‘school’ at the end.

    I have been a lecturer for the past 5 years but this is my first year in a Business School and I am glad that I started off with a brand like Athena School of Management.

    Currently the summer internship of my junior PGPM students is going on. Most of them have been placed in good companies with interesting profiles.

    Why go global? – 3 important reasons.

    Now this is a question not many of you will ask given today’s scenario where globalization plays a major role in marketing and improving growth perspectives of a firm.

    But I will answer this question anyway (read: give greater clarity to your reasons for pursuing international business)

    a) Risk reduction due to diversification: Business at the end of the day is a gamble. Consumers may like your good today and not tomorrow and may revert to liking it the day after.

    The true meaning of respect…

    As kids, we are all time told to do ‘namastey’ to our elders, bow in obeisance in front of the God and so on.

    These things are taught to us which become an important part of our personality over a period of time – so much so that saying thank you and sorry come naturally to us and we invariably close our eyes and slightly bow our head each time we see a temple even from a distance.

    You are most welcome to express yourself...(even though we disagree…)

    We talk to different people – our family, children, grandparents, boss, friends, collegues, shopkeeper and even strangers (small talk).

    We communicate to put our point across.

    a) Risk reduction due to diversification: Business at the end of the day is a gamble. Consumers may like your good today and not tomorrow and may revert to liking it the day after.We often have a two way communication (even three-way eg : group chat or conversations in a social gathering). Communication is both, listening and talking. This is a fact we often forget.

    When you are happy and you know it..Clap your hands! 5 Daily habits of happy people.

    When I first joined Athena School of Management as a lecturer, I was told to maintain a to-do list for each day. That started as a chore and now it has become a habit of sorts which I am glad I cultivated as it added to my productivity.

    Here are some tips for all of you. These tips have helped me sail through some frustrating and demanding situations in life.

    Internship tips and tricks for students

    Internships are an integral part of any MBA course and very much so here at Athena School of Management.

    In today’s competitive world, finding the ‘right’ kind of internship prpgrams for the students can be a daunting task for coordinators in MBA institutes.

    Keeping in mind the level of experience, expertise and preferences of students on one side and the intention of the institutes to make the internship process as much of learning experience as possible.

    Blowing one’s own trumpet isn’t that bad after all…

    No one person can be good at anything and everything.

    But yes, everyone is good at least one thing.

    In today’s competitive world, everyone is trying to be the ‘Jack of all trades’ and no one wants to be ‘the master of none’.

    What should I ideally expect from my new job?

    Once we graduate, we begin to get some serious job offers. What we generally look for in a job? It is easy. SALARY.

    Everyone has expectations of a good salary package and other related perks from their new job (at least better than their last job)

    The Fight Club…

    People fight. People disagree. People have conflicting opinions often. When one is a part of an organization or company one comes across different people with different viewpoints on any given situation.

    You have an argument with your parents over the number of hours you spend on whatsapp, you fight with your siblings over the remote control.

    Demystifying Managerial Economics – its scope and applications.

    Imagine you are fresh out of college and planning to pursue higher studies. You look at the various options available to you and choose the one best suited to your aptitude and budget and of course the scope the course offers in the future. You finish your higher studies and now enter the job market. You apply in various companies. (Hopefully!) you get a number of job offers.

    Introduction to International Business

    Finance is a field that is changing rapidly and constantly. Becoming obsolete in the field is a very real danger unless you always stay updated. Rules and regulations, new economic reforms and business policies, products and planning techniques are being revised regularly. In this regard, there are many opportunities and options available to you if you chose to continue your education in the field of finance.