What should I ideally expect from my new job?

    Once we graduate, we begin to get some serious job offers. What we generally look for in a job?ook for in a job?

    When I pose this question to my students at Athena, they say ‘It is easy ma’am - . SALARY’..

    True, everyone has expectations of a good salary package and other related perks from their new job (at least better than their last job) But ideally the new job should be meaningful and impactful.

    We at Athena School of Management emphasize on this fact – be it for internships of our first year students or pre-placement of our final year students.

    Career mentors often give advice on how one must make a career choice depending on three important factors: a) Stability; b) Security and c) Pay

    However, what we often overlook is the scope or opportunity to learn at a new job.

    One’s decision to work at a particular organization should be based on the following four metrics:

    a) Challenging position: Choose a role which challenges you. Excites you. Only that will push you to your true potential. This doesn’t mean job hopping just to take on different jobs each time. By being in a specific company, one can look for tasks which require one to be fully involved and come up with innovative solutions. b) Team work: While working in a company, one’s team of coworkers plays a very important role in getting the best job done. You must see to it that you are surrounded by positive, motivated and talented people who share your goal. Proper coordination and communication play a crucial role here. Also look for mentors in the team to help you learn. Sometimes the company’s founding members or senior employees play this role.
    c) Passion: Passion is a very important ingredient to achieve success in life – be it on the personal or professional front. Before joining a company or answering in affirmative to a company’s offer, always view and understand the vision of the company – do you relate to it? Does it fuel your passion for the profession? Do the company’s ethical values align with your own morals?
    d) A promising business: This is important. Always determine if the business or organization you are joining is promising in terms of growth or no. Will you be doing the same tasks over and over again? One must evaluate one’s career trajectory. One must be able to add on from the new company to the already existing knowledge. One must be transformed into a more learned and experienced person at the end of it all.

    Hence before joining a new company, a strict focus on the bank account (salary) will be a short lived route to success. One must come off as a more experienced, positive human being who is ready to take on more challenges. As Eric Schmidt famously told Sheryl Sandberg (the Chief Operating Officer of Facebook) “If you’re offered a seat on a rocket ship, get on, and don’t ask what seat.”

    - Prof. Anwesha Ghosh (Athena School of Management - Powai)