You are most welcome to express yourself...(even though we disagree…)

    We talk to different people – our family, children, grandparents, boss, friends, collegues, shopkeeper and even strangers (small talk).

    We communicate to put our point across.

    We often have a two way communication (even three-way eg : group chat or conversations in a social gathering). Communication is both, listening and talking. This is a fact we often forget.

    Like Stephen Cover rightly said ‘Most people do not listen with the intent to understand; they listen with an intent to reply.”

    This is so true in today’s world, where everyone is impatient and is trying to prove a point.

    Sometimes, if you care to listen closely, the other person’s point may be stronger than yours and as soon as you realize that you nod and cut him/her mid way to put your divergent view across (even though you know you are not making much sense!)

    People interrupt others monogue not just to prove a point but to hide their own insecurities or a weak argument.

    As a lecturer in this now popular management institute – Athena School of Management, I always try and inculcate this habit among my students, especially when there is an open discussion – as they need to understand that as future marketing, hr and sales managers, they will come across a variety of people- co-workers, juniors, seniors, collaborators who will have divergent opinions.

    Respecting others point of view is important. I tell my students to inculcate empathy – a precious trait these days – putting yourself in others shoes and then judging their reaction. If one is still convinced of his/her view point, stick to it but it may very well happen that once you have placed yourself in the other person’s shoes, you would walk along the path he/she was suggesting..

    - Prof. Anwesha Ghosh (Athena School of Management - Powai)