According to Ancient Greek Mythology, Athena (or Pallas Athena) was the daughter of Zeus. Athena is the Greek Goddess of Wisdom, Courage & Inspiration.

In today’s rapidly changing economic scenario, it is not surprising that corporate India too, is on a constant vigil for identifying and inducting young leaders who posses Wisdom, Courage & Inspiration, to achieve, inspire & lead their organisations. Hence the name Athena was selected by us as the manifestation of our mission! The Name of the Institution is the “Athena School of Management”.

Our vision is to create young leaders for the corporate sector who are equipped to handle the myriad challenges thrust upon them. We plan to mould them into “employable assets” for their future employers rather than “raw liabilities”. In order to do this we have brought in a high degree of corporate interface and seek guidance from Corporate Leaders in designing both the course content and course delivery Style.

Our Motto is “Consilio Et Animis” which is Latin for “By Wisdom & Courage"